TableĀ 5

The percentages of laboratories either meeting the US guidelines for extended RAS testing, or indeed overtesting or undertesting

Run 1 (n=99)Run 2 (n=108)
Percentage of laboratories exactly following ASCO guidelines413
Percentage of laboratories overtesting15.211.1
Percentage of laboratories undertesting74.867.6
Percentage of laboratories where the testing panel was undetermined68.3
TOTAL percentage of laboratories testing at least in accordance with ASCO guidelines19.624.1
  • Adding together the laboratories following the US guidelines and those overtesting gives the total percentage of laboratories meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements. The current American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) guidelines state that the coverage should include KRAS exon 2 (codons 12 and 13), KRAS exon 3 (codons 59 and 61), KRAS exon 4 (codons 117 and 146), in addition to NRAS exon 2 (codons 12 and 13), NRAS exon 3 (codons 59 and 61) and NRAS exon 4 (codons 117 and 146).