Table 2

Parameter and sequencing coverage results achieved in this study by the Actionable Insight Tumour Panel

Panel size12 genes/16.7 kb
Insight size773 unique variant positions
Variant allele fraction detection limitATPf: 5%; ATPp: 1%
Frequency cut-off and amplicon coverageExpectedMeasured
≥500×: 90%Median: 95.41%
Average: 91.71%
≥200×: 95%Median: 98.58%
Average: 97.12%
Coverage of clinical variants investigatedMedian: 5001×
Average: 7656×
  • Positive samples included into the study have all been confirmed by at least one alternative technology: that is, Illumina MiSeq and/or Sanger sequencing technologies. ATPf and ATPp indicate data analysis for the Actionable Tumour Panel assays using different filtering thresholds depending if FFPE (f) or plasma samples (p) are applied. FFPE, formalin fixed and paraffin embedded.