Table 1

Advantages and disadvantages of different cytological preparations for mutation testing

Direct smearsCell blocksLiquid-based cytology
AdvantagesHigh-quality DNA
Visualisation of malignant cells
ROSE feasible
The areas of optimal tumour/benign ratio are easier to find and delineate
Diagnostic smears preserved
Standardised for immunostainings
Guidelines recommended
Useful for image-guided procedure
Eliminates the need for slide preparation by clinicians
Material maximised
Optimal yield and quality of CytoLyt-derived DNA
DisadvantagesAdditional rigorous validation
Loss of diagnostic material
Delay due to coverslip removal
LCM may be needed
Poor DNA quality
ROSE unfeasible
Pooled sample
Unsatisfactory cell block preparation method
ROSE unfeasible
Pooled sample
Suboptimal yield and quality of Cytorich Red derived DNA
  • LCM, laser capture microdissection; ROSE, rapid onsite evaluation.