Table 1

DNA quantity and quality of faecal material from OC-sensor (faecal immunochemical test) and Hemoccult II (guaiac faecal occult  blood test)

LabelTest typeDate of the test at homeBench time*Days at ambient temperature†DNA concentration (ng/μL)Total DNA yield (ng)DNA sizes agarose gel (kbp)
1OC-sensor22 January 20070213.76855–12
4OC-sensor9 October 20060323.411705–12
6OC-sensor16 November 20060418.09005–12
7Hemoccult II4 October 20061888.644305–12
8Hemoccult II7 October 20060577.438705–12
9Hemoccult II3 January 20070534.217105–12
10Hemoccult II2 January 20070632.816405–12
11Hemoccult II29 December 200601074.237105–12
12Hemoccult II29 December 200601020.010002–8
13Hemoccult II28 December 20063111.8902–8
14Hemoccult II1 January 2007374.22100.1–0.5
15Hemoccult II1 January 2007374.22100.5–8
16Hemoccult II28 December 200631110.4520Degraded
17Hemoccult IIUnknown3Unknown8.64305–10
18Hemoccult II30 December 2006398.9445Degraded
  • *After receiving the test until development in the lab.

  • †From collection of faeces by patient at home until development of the test in the lab.