Table 3

Immunohistochemical (IHC) markers in the differential diagnosis of endometrial carcinomas

vimERPRARID1Aβ-catAMACRHNF1βNapsin Ap53p16Specific
Endometrial tumours
EMC+ + +M>wtM>wt+/ wt>M /+PTEN and MMR loss
USC+ wtwt /+ M+ CCNE1 amplification
CCC+ wtwt /+ + +/ wt>M MMR loss
UC wtM>wtNA NAM>wt /+E-cadherin and MMR loss
MMMT+ /+ /+wt>MwtNA NAM+WT1, desmin, CD10, h- caldesmon, myogenin, S100, Myo-D1. Biphasic pattern
  • ARID1A M consists in the loss of IHC staining, while ARID1A wt is nuclear staining; p53 M corresponds to intense and diffuse positivity in ≥60% of cells or complete negativity; p53 wt is the presence of rare cells weakly positive or positivity in <60% of cells. β-cat M is nuclear positivity; β-cat wt is cytoplasm, membrane positivity or negativity.

  • β-cat, β-catenin; CCC, clear cell carcinoma; EMC, endometrioid carcinoma; M, mutant pattern; MMMT, malignant mixed Müllerian tumour; MMR, DNA mismatch repair genes; NA, not available; UC, undifferentiated carcinoma; USC, uterine serous carcinoma; wt, wild-type pattern.