Table 1

Compared clinical, radiological and pathological features of enchondroma and low-grade chondrosarcoma

EnchondromaLow-grade chondrosarcoma
History and physical examinationYounger patients
Rarely pain
Appendicular skeleton
Phalanx, Ec almost 100%
Patients aged >25 years
Inflammatory pain
Axial skeleton
ImagingNo periosteal reaction
No or minimal endosteal scalloping
No changes during follow-up
No soft tissue mass
Periosteal reaction and microfractures
Endosteal scalloping
Malignat change during follow-up
Soft tissue mass
BiopsyTypical encasement pattern
No endosteal scalloping
Multinodular aspect
Surrounded by lamellar bone
Not involved in bone marrow
Involved Haversian system
Periosteal reaction, endosteal scalloping
Occasional necrotic and haemorrhagic foci
Involved in bone marrow