Table 1

Summary of the studies comparing Idylla with other diagnostic methods in cancer samples

ReferenceTumour typesSample typesIdylla cartridgesSamples analysedIdylla non- contributive resultsConcordant results between Idylla and the reference methodDiscrepant results between Idylla and the reference methodIdylla true results according to a third evaluationIdylla false results according to a third evaluation
9MelanomaFFPEIdylla BRAF Mutation Test14871261481
23VariousFFPEIdylla BRAF Mutation Test2160210620
22ColorectalFFPEIdylla BRAF Mutation Test100297110
25MelanomaFFPEIdylla BRAF Mutation Test59057202
21VariousFFPEIdylla BRAF Mutation Test436154061361
20ThyroidFFPEIdylla BRAF Mutation Test11009911101
16MelanomaFFPEIdylla BRAF Mutation Test37036110
17ColorectalFFPEIdylla NRAS-BRAF Mutation Test2420241110
26MelanomaFFPEIdylla NRAS-BRAF-EGFRS492R Mutation Assay36035101
18ColorectalFFPEIdylla NRAS-BRAF-EGFRS492R Mutation Assay18116110
Idylla KRAS Mutation Test18018000
11ColorectalFFPEIdylla KRAS Mutation Test252717420137
24ColorectalFFPEIdylla KRAS Mutation Test374234724616
12PancreaticCyto.Idylla KRAS Mutation Test21318000
14PancreaticCyto.Idylla KRAS Mutation Test52342707
10LungFFPE and freshIdylla EGFR Mutation Assay68363101
Idylla KRAS Mutation Test73363707
19LungFFPEIdylla EGFR Mutation Assay18015303
Idylla KRAS Mutation Test18018000
13LungCyto.Idylla EGFR Mutation Assay76270420
15LungFFPEIdylla EGFR Mutation Assay1100104660
  • Cyto, cytological samples; fresh, unfixed samples; FFPE, formalin fixed paraffin-embedded samples; Reference, reference of the study in the review.