Table 2B

Sample type in relation to SiRe run metric parameters

Patients (n=294)Clinical characteristics nAverage reads per sample nMean number of mapped reads per sampleMedian read length bpPercentage reads on targets
Average reads per amplicon nUniformity of coverage
Histology (n=130)Resection (n=34)126 479.91125 965.03128.1896.292867.4597.70
Biopsy (n=96)157 269.97155 451.70130.4897.403564.4298.12
Citology (n=164)FNA (n=142)174 953.35173 905.40131.0495.884062.3797.61
Brushing/effusion (n=22)210 146.45208 731.08132.5093.284772.0797.67
  • bp, base pairs.