Table 1

Distribution of patients with endocervical adenocarcinoma classified according to the IECC

HPVA (n=71)NHPVA (n=16)
Usual51 (72%)Gastric12 (75%)
Villoglandular0Mesonephric2 (13%)
Mucinous, NOS10 (14%)Serous0
Mucinous, intestinal2 (3%)Clear cell2 (12%)
Mucinous, signet ring cell0Endometrioid0
ISMC8 (11%)
  • HPVA, human papillomavirus–associated adenocarcinoma; IECC, International Endocervical Adenocarcinoma Criteria and Classification; ISMC, invasive stratified mucin-producing carcinoma (so-called invasive SMILE); NHPVA, non-human papillomavirus–associated adenocarcinoma; NOS, not otherwise specified.