Table 3

Ct values of qRT-PCR for mRNA expression of CEA and EpCAM in the study population (malignant) and the negative controls (n=30) that were included in the receiver operating characteristics analyses

MalignantNegative controls
Benign PLFBenign ascitesBenign PLF + benign ascites
mRNA CEA30.80 (10.07)49.25 (2.39)40.78 (4.49)46.42 (5.14)
mRNA EpCAM29.30 (6.91)43.34 (6.24)34.85 (1.96)40.51 (6.58)
  • The negative controls were divided into a group of benign PLF (n=20) and a group of benign ascites with inflammation (benign ascites, n=10).

  • qRT-PCR, quantitative reverse transcriptase PCRCEA, carcinoembryonic antigen;Ct, cycle threshold; EpCAM, epithelial cell adhesion molecule;PLF, peritoneal lavage fluid.