Table 3

Summary of Royal College of Pathologist’s endorsed validation protocol for digital primary diagnosis

TrainingOne-to-one formalised training in digital microscope use
Observed practice with feedback
Validation training casesTraining set of approximately 20 challenging and informative cases relevant to the pathologist's scope of work
Participant views digital slides, makes notes on diagnosis and immediately checks corresponding glass slides, noting any difference in opinion
Allows identification and mitigation of pitfalls
Validation—live reportingAll cases scanned prospectively
Diagnosis made on digital slides with reconciliation with glass slides prior to sign-out
Pathologist aims to complete approximately 2 months whole time equivalent workload in this way
Difficulties reported and discussed
Library of problematic cases assembled and viewed with group
Summary and recommendationsValidation document produced with each pathologist documenting concordance/discordance
Recommendations made for scope of digital practice/further training