Table 3

Ongoing and completed clinical trials of liquid biopsy in CV diseases

NCTStudy typeParticipantsConditionsCirculating markersPhaseAimsReference
NCT03695601Observational, prospective1600Heart transplant rejectiondd-cfDNAN/ATo monitor heart transplant recipients for allograft rejection. 115
NCT01020916Interventional, randomised950Out-of-hospital cardiac arrestmiRNA-124-3pN/ATo evaluate a target temperature management after cardiac arrest. 116
NCT02299960Observational, prospective101Heart failure, hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, diabetic nephropathiesCECs N/A,
To correlate analyse test–retest reliability (EndoPAT), circulating endothelial cells and and endothelial function in CV patients. 20
NCT00699998Interventional, randomised9326Acute coronary syndromemiRNAsPhase III,
To assess the efficacy and safety of novel combination therapy and useful biomarkers. 62
NCT02325765Observational, retrospective100Congential cardiac surgeryHistonesCompletedTo determine the correlation between circulating histones and the development of SIRS. 68
NCT02194686Interventional, randomised71CV diseasesEPCsPhase IV,
To evaluate the effects of cilostazol on human early EPCs and endothelial function. 117
NCT01096875Interventional, randomised60Coronary artery bypass surgery, elective surgical procedureEPCsPhase IV, completedTo test if atorvastatin augments the number of EPCs after cardiopulmonary bypass. 118
  • CECs, circulating endothelial cells; CV, cardiovascular; dd-cfDNA, donor-derived cell-free DNA; EPCs, endothelial progenitor cells;miRNA, micro-RNAs; N/A, not applicable; SIRS, systemic inflammatory response syndrome.