Table 3

Proposed components of training in digital pathology

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
Access to digital reporting platform for all training centres in region0/160/160/165/1611/16
Training session on the validation process for reporting in a diagnostic setting on the digital pathology platform0/160/161/164/1611/16
Access to validation sets for digital slides0/160/160/166/1610/16
More teaching sessions utilising digital slides0/161/160/165/1610/16
Training on the governance aspects of transition to digital pathology for reporting0/161/161/167/167/16
Training around the technology aspects of digital pathology—the platform design, screens, potential AI aspects (eg, biomarker scoring) as these come on line0/161/161/165/169/16
Training around the implementation of digital pathology within the laboratory setting (logistics and processes)0/161/161/168/166/16
Training around health and safety aspects0/160/161/169/166/16
Training around the AI applications of digital pathology0/160/161/167/168/16
  • AI, artificial intelligence.