Table 1

Details of the cases investigated as well as the technical procedures

Slides per case22.51–5
Time for scanning* (min)431–9
Time for transmission to uPath* (min)332–7
Handling time of the pathologist* (min)221–7
Total handling time of the technician* (min)995–18
Total time for WSI approach* (min)11116–22
Total handling time of the pathologist using robotic telemicroscopy (min)16216–61
Total handling time of the pathologists using WSI and Ventana Image Viewer6114–46
  • *These are times per case and not per slide as the cases were scanned batchwise simulating the procedures during real-time frozen section analysis. As transferring of the files to uPath started already while the later slides were still in the scanning process, scanning and data transfer of single slides cannot be given for all cases.

  • WSI, whole slide imaging.