Table 1

Immunology assessment summary at initial clinical visit

Schizophrenia with history of clozapine use
(median, range)
Adult reference range
(5th–95th percentile unless indicated*)
Age, years (median, range)50 (36–63)
Gender (M:F)11:6
Neutrophils (median, range)4.3 (2.0–10.2)1.7–7.5×109/ L
Lymphocytes (median, range)1.3 (0.8–2.1)1.0–4.5×109/L
IgG3.20 (1.20–6.65)6.00–16.0 g/L
IgA0.26 (0.05–0.81)0.80–4.00 g/L
IgM0.17 (0.05–0.64)0.50–2.00 g/L
CD3+ T cells930 (380–1960)800–2500×106/ L
CD3+CD4+ T helper cells600 (110–1350)400–1500×106/ L
CD3+CD8+ cytotoxic T cells230 (60–560)200–1100×106/ L
CD19+ B cells260 (100–450)50–500×106/ L
CD56+ natural killer cells90 (20–460)80–650×106/ L
Naïve B cells (%B) (n=14)83.8 (23.6–95.8)58%–79.6%*
Marginal zone-like B cells (%B) (n=14)11.0 (3.1–71.2)7.4%–21.4%*
Class-switched memory B cells (%B) (n=16)1.6 (0.2–11.6)7.2%–18.9%*
Plasmablasts (%B) (n=6)0.01 (0–0.04)0.4–3.6*
  • Reference ranges for immunoglobulins47and lymphocyte subsets48 represent 5th–95th percentiles.

  • *B cell adult reference ranges represent interquartile range (adapted from Morbach et al49). See also online supplementary table 1 for individual values.