Table 2

Agreement between the 28-8 and 22C3 assays in matched sample pairs* in the overall population at the ≥1% tumour cell PD-L1 expression cut-off

28-8 as reference22C3 as referenceOPACohen’s kappa
Agreement (95% CI)97 (96–98)96 (95–97)97 (96–98)97 (96–97)97 (96–97)0.94 (0.92–0.95)
  • *Patients with a matched biopsy and single test results for both the 28-8 and the 22C3 assay.

  • IHC, immunohistochemistry; n, number of patients with concordant results; N, total number of patients; NPA, negative percentage agreement; OPA, overall percentage agreement; PD-L1, programmed death ligand 1; PPA, positive percentage agreement.