Table 1

Quantification of milk and egg proteins in biological samples collected during autopsy

Autoptic sampleTotal sample
Total sample
Milk proteinsEgg white proteins
Concentration in freeze-dried sample (mg/kg) m±SDConcentration in the original sample
(mg/kg) m±SD
Total protein in biological sample (mg)
average value
Concentration in freeze-dried sample
Gastric content as such132.5163.63.43±0.280.94±0.080.154<0.13*
Neutralised gastric content65.078.37.50±1.061.84±0.230.144<0.13*
Solid material in gastric content as such3.43†NC
Solid material in neutralised gastric content2.93†NC
Total material collected0.433
  • *Average on two data due to the paucity of sample.

  • †Limit of quantification=0.13 mg/kg of egg white proteins.

  • NC, not calculable