Table 2

Univariate and multivariate analyses of prognostic factors in BC for 5-year overall survival

YearUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
HRP value95% CIHRP value95% CI
Expression of MARS
 High versus low or no expression54.844<0.001* 2.154 to 10.8933.6180.002* 1.581 to 8.281
Age (years)
 ≤40 vs 40–60 vs ≥6051.0070.9750.652 to 1.555
Tumour grade
 I vs II vs III51.5390.038* 1.026 to 2.4741.2110.3930.781 to 1.879
Tumour size (cm)
 ≤2 cm vs >2 cm51.0450.8860.570 to 1.916
Expression of ER
 Negative versus positive50.7260.3260.384 to 1.375
Expression of PR
 Negative versus positive50.7260.2950.399 to 1.321
Expression of HER-2
 Negative versus positive52.3020.006* 1.264 to 4.1940.2291.4580.789 to 2.697
Expression of Ki-67
 <20% vs ≥20%512720.4360.694 to 2.332
Molecular classification
 Luminal A versus luminal B versus HER-2 overexpression versus TNBC51.2430.1150.948 to 1.631
Histological type
 Ducatl versus lobular versus other50.8060.7050.475 to 1.368
N stage
 N0 vs N1+2+351.2370.4920.675 to 2.267
TNM stage
 I vs II vs III and IV52.648<0.001* 1.691 to 4.1492.351<0.001* 1.460 to 3.786
  • *p < 0.05.

  • BC, breast cancer; ER, oestrogen receptor; HER-2, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2; MARS, methionyl–tRNA synthetase; PR, progesterone receptor; TNM, tumour, node, metastasis.