Table 2

Issues reported to have impacted on the use of the digital pathology system/information management system (IMS)

Internet speed and/or loss of connectivity to the IMSSeven comments (all related to home use).
For example, ’25 Mbit bandwidth at home not enough to avoid delays & pixelation when viewing slides’.
‘slow internet bandwidth speed at home limits usability’.
‘… not sure how much of this is due to the VPN being the limiting step and how much general bandwidth’.
‘on one occasion I had to give up on a case as the slides were loading so slowly’.
‘occasional loss of connection to the IMS, particularly from home’.
‘Bandwidth is the main and a major problem’.
Unsuitable quality of screen (at home)Two comments.
Need to upgrade computer (at home)One comment.
Mouse to manipulate imagesTwo comments
For example, ‘(would be) useful to have something other than a standard mouse’.
Occasional out of focus slidesSeven comments.
Digital workflow incompleteOne comment
For example, ‘Request forms not on IMS means that (it is) difficult to sign cases out digitally’.