Table 1

Examples given of specific instances of where digital pathology has provided a solution to specific issues during this period or how it is anticipated to do so in the future

Workflow relatedFacilitating double reporting and second opinions from colleagues, including from those who are working at home (11 comments).
Double reporting (at work) without need to use multiheaded microscope (one comment).
Quick triage of case to assess need for immunohistochemistry, improving timeliness of reporting of the case (two comments), for example, triage remotely at home prior to being in the department to review the glass slides.
Reporting (remotely) of urgent cases (one comment).
Full reporting of cases from home (one comment).
Ease of access to previous histology, even from home (one comment).
Taking snapshot images of a case to share remotely prior to formal (external) referral (one comment).
Multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT) relatedProvision of a solution for remote MDT working, showing cases remotely (or in future live) at an MDT and reviewing cases prior to an MDT (seven comments).
Teaching/training relatedSharing of cases with trainees for training/educational purposes (two comments).
Workforce health and safety related (specific to COVID-19)Reducing potential (risk of infection) from handling of slides and slide trays between colleagues for a second opinion.
Workforce health and safety related (general)Reduction in back and neck pain associated with use of the microscope.
Governance relatedPotentially negating the need to remove glass slides from the department for home working (one comment).