Table 1

Distribution and comparison of the number of participants reporting no adverse reactions, local or systemic reactions after the first and the second dose of Comirnaty vaccine

After the first
Comirnaty dose
After the second
Comirnaty dose
P value
Participants reporting no adverse reactions, N (proportion)29 (0.45)17 (0.26)0.025
Participants reporting only local reactions, N (proportion)31 (0.49)30 (0.47)0.822
Participants reporting systemic reactions,* N (proportion)4 (0.06):
  • Myalgia (2/4).

  • Fatigue (1/4).

  • Chills, fever, myalgia, headache (1/4).

17 (0.27):
  • Chills, fever, myalgia and headache (7/17).

  • Fatigue and myalgia (6/17).

  • Chills (3/17).

  • Headache (1/17).

  • *All participants reported local reactions coupled with at least one systemic adverse reaction. Additionally, after the second vaccine dose two participants reported lymphadenopathy and one high blood pressure (not presented in the table); p<0.05 was considered statistically significant.