Table 1

Information on data source, study population and blood collection methods used in each dataset

CountryPublicationStudy populationNTime between blood drawsDrop of capillary blood collectedType of tube for venous blood collectionStorage conditions of venous blood for transportAvg time between collection and automated haematology analyser measureHb assessment—capillaryHb assessment—venous
Cambodia −1 10 Non-Pregnant women 18–45 years4507 daysThird dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler5 hoursHemoCue
Sysmex XT-1800i
Cambodia −2 47 Non-Pregnant women 18–45 years8087 daysThird dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler4 hoursHemoCue Hb301Sysmex XN 1000
Cambodia −3 14 Non-Pregnant women 18–49 years2773.5 minThird dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler5 hoursHemoCue Hb301Sysmex XP 100
GhanaUnpublished*Pregnant women 18–49 years2235–10 minSecond dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler3 hoursHemoCue
ABX Pentra 60
India 38 Non- Pregnant women 18–49 years98210–15 minSecond dropK2EDTAOn ice in cooler5 minHemoCue
Laos 39 Children 6–59 months†85410–15 minSecond dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler3–7 hoursHemoCue Hb301Mindrey BC-3000 Plus
Laos 39 Children 6–59 months†63310–15 minSecond dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler3–7 hoursHemoCue Hb301Sysmex XT-1800i
Laos 39 Children 6–59 months†12910–15 minSecond dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler3–7 hoursHemoCue Hb301HemoCue Hb301
and Mindrey BC-3000 Plus
The GambiaUnpublished‡Children 6–24 months4072 minSecond dropK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler5 hoursHemoCue Hb301HemoCue Hb301
The GambiaUnpublished§Pregnant women 18–45 years499Only collected venous bloodN/AK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler5 hoursN/AHemoCue Hb301 and Mendonic M20M GP
Rwanda 48 Children 6–59 months13110 minThird dropK2EDTAN/A2–12 hoursHemoCue
Sysmex KN 21
USA 37 Non-pregnant women and men 20–59 years335–10 minPooled bloodK2EDTAOn ice in a cooler1–3 daysHemoCue
Hb201+/ Hb301
  • *Newton S, Abu-Hayder E, 2013.

  • †These entries are from the same study, but separated onto different lines because the authors used two different automated haematology analysers.

  • ‡Wegmuller R, 2015.

  • §Bah A, 2015.

  • Hb, haemoglobin; N/A, not available.