Table 2

Dates of testing for patients with a change from positive to negative NAA results with repeat testing following ‘remission’

PatientDate(s) of positive test(s)Date(s) of negative test(s)Days to remission
11 April6 April, 7 April5
225 March, 30 March9 April, 12 April15
34 April, 15 April, 16 April, 19 April15 April11* (0 to progression)
427 March8 April, 9 April12
519 March, 19 March21 March, 23 March2
628 March4 March, 10 March7
74 April14 April, 14 April10
  • *This patient had a positive test followed by a negative test 11 days later. On the same day of the negative result, later in the day, the patient had a positive result followed by two more positive results on subsequent days. This patient’s negative result was likely due to poor sample collection from the nares or nasopharynx. Tests for this patient performed on 15 April (both tests), 16 April and 19 April were all performed on the Abbott ID NOW instrument, while test from 4 April was performed on Roche Cobas 6800/8800. The clinical care team seems to have doubted the negative result and quickly collected a better sample with follow-up of additional samples. Under our criteria defined in the Methods section, this patient was scored as both 11 days to remission and 0 days to progression.

  • NAA, nucleic acid amplification.