Table 2

The distributions of responses to the question investigating the nature of the pathologist profession, the main job of the pathologists and the length of training. The respondents were asked to select one answer for each question

Pathologists are:Responses (n=346)
Medical doctors140 (40.5%)
Laboratory technicians59 (17.0%)
Coroners50 (14.5%)
Scientists43 (12.4%)
Police detectives8 (2.3%)
Dental assistants2 (0.6%)
Public servants1 (0.3%)
Lawyers0 (0.0%)
I do not know43 (12.4%)
The main job of most pathologists is to: Responses (n=344)
Diagnose diseases in living patients122 (35.5%)
Perform autopsies90 (26.2%)
Run tests in the laboratory58 (16.9%)
Do research in the laboratory38 (11.0%)
Investigate murders14 (4.1%)
Study humankind13 (3.8%)
Examine bones4 (1.1%)
Convict criminals4 (1.1%)
Examine patients' teeth before they see the dentist1 (0.3%)
After high school how long do you think the training takes to be a pathologist? Responses (n=345)
More than 8 years120 (34.8%)
4–8 years153 (44.3%)
3 years18 (5.2%)
2 years5 (1.5%)
No further training required1 (0.3%)
I do not know48 (13.9%)