Table 6

Distribution COVID-19 cases and cause of death including category of postmortem diagnosis

Number (%)
Cause of death and COVID-19 status
 Non-COVID-19525 (87)
 Confirmed COVID-1948 (8)
 Clinical COVID-19 diagnosis6 (1)
 COVID-19 cannot be excluded20 (3)
 COVID-19 positive, not cause of death3 (0.5)
Category of postmortem COVID-19 diagnosis
 COVID-19 diagnosed from clinical information±testing without evisceration12 (22)
 COVID-19 diagnosed from PMCT±testing12 (22)
 COVID-19 diagnosed from traditional invasive autopsy±testing25 (46)
 Postmortem performed in known COVID-19 to exclude other cause5 (9)
  • PMCT, postmortem CT.