Table 2

Example scenarios and rationale for coding

Case scenarioPossible/probable association with lockdown measuresRationale
Suicide with supporting information of direct evidence of financial difficulties in business caused by cancellations due to COVID-19Probable contributary factorDirect link to financial difficulties due to pandemic in supporting information
Deceased found dead at home in advanced state of decomposition. Letter at property found advising individual was at high risk from COVID-19 and shielding advicePossible contributary factorDocumentation of a potential change in health-seeking behaviour identified
Deceased unwell for 4 days and unable to visit doctor due to lockdownProbable contributary factorDocumentation of altered health-seeking behaviour
Relative noted deterioration over past few weeks, General Practitioner (GP) arranged community matron review for assessment next day, community matron found deceased at homePossible contributary factorPotential delay in accessing healthcare identified, however uncertain if GP review decision making was altered by lockdown
Patient had known asthma and symptoms of COVID-19. Also reported chest pain. Advised to self-isolate, died several days later from ruptured myocardial infarction.Probable contributary factorAdvice for self-isolation in individual reporting chest pain symptoms