Table 1

Common indication and recommendations for peripheral smear review

Clinical indicationsPBS review approvalAdditional recommendation
Myelodysplastic syndromeYesRecommend molecular studies
PseudothrombocytopaeniaYesAlternatively, resend CBC in citrate
MalariaYesOrder thick and thin smears to microbiology lab
Microcytic/normocytic anaemiaPer discussionIron studies, reticulocyte count
Leukaemia/lymphomaYesFlow cytometry
ThalassaemiaNoMentzer index, previous CBC values, HPLC
Haemolysis/RBC membrane disorderYesOrder stat red blood cell morphology test
  • At our institution, PBS review are concurrently performed for all flow cytometry, bone marrow biopsy and HPLC orders.

  • CBC, complete blood count; HPLC, high performance liquid chromatography; PBS, peripheral blood smear; RBC, red blood cell.