Table 1

Basic demographic data and numbers of patients and healthy volunteers enrolled

Patients enrolled (n)Median age (years) (range)FIGOGhrHPV status
Immunohistochemical analysis
 HSIL3661.9 (27.5–89.9)Negative n=2; Positive n=27; N/A n=7
 dVIN1368.7 (50.1–84.4)Negative n=11; N/A n=2
 Primary VSCC3869.9 (37.3–93.2)I n=31; II n=2; III n=5G1 n=16; G2 n=15; G3 n=7Negative n=17; Positive n=16; N/A n=5
 recVSCC871.4 (58.9–83.6)
ELISA test
 Healthy volunteers1645.6 (25.6–64.3)
 HSIL1650.2 (26.3–58.5)
 dVIN760.5 (34.6–79.5)
 Primary VSCC3672.2 (58.6–86.2)I n=15; II n=5; III n=13; IV n=1; N/A n=2G1 n=11; G2 n=18; G3 n=3; N/A n=4Negative n=6; Positive n=13; N/A n=17
 recVSCC274.8 and 85.8
  • dVIN, differentiated-type vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia; FIGO, The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics; G, tumour grade; hrHPV, high-risk human papilloma virus; HSIL, high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions; N/A, data not available; recVSCC, recurrent vulvar squamous cell carcinoma; VSCC, vulvar squamous cell carcinoma.