Table 2

Age-adjusted and sex-adjusted multivariable logistic regression for baseline total K-18 (M65), cleaved K-18 (M30), intact K-18 (M65-M30) and necrosis-apoptosis ratio as independent predictors of ICU admission

VariableEstimateSEOR (95% CI)P value
Elevated M653.0931.26522.05 (1.84 to 263.04)0.014*
Elevated M302.9811.19019.704 (1.91 to 203.14)0.012*
Elevated M65-M302.6481.10114.12 (1.63 to 122.09)0.016*
Elevated Necrosis-Apoptosis Ratio0.3280.7381.388 (0.33 to 5.899)0.657
  • *Significant at significance level of 0.05.

  • ICU, intensive care unit.