Table 3

Perceptions of histopathologists in training working in non-digital centres of the impact of variability of DP access within region

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agreeDon’t knowN/A
I am concerned that the variability in access to DP for diagnosis across training centres will impact negatively on my training overall0/191/190/195/192/190/1911/19
I do not consider the variability in access to DP across training centres to be an issue in relation to my training experience in histopathology1/196/191/190/190/190/1911/19
I feel that access to DP within any centre within the training region has had a positive impact on my training overall0/190/190/193/192/191/1913/19
I feel that DP is overhyped1/194/190/193/190/190/1911/19
I am apprehensive about the transition to DP in my own practice when this is available to me1/191/192/191/193/190/1911/19
I look forward to being able to report diagnostic cases on a digital platform0/190/191/193/190/194/1911/19
I do not feel that reporting diagnostic cases on a digital platform will be any different to reporting on glass slides1/196/190/191/190/190/1911/19
  • DP, digital pathology; N/A, not applicable.