Table 2

Areas identified by histopathologists in training as a potential challenge with the digital platform and areas which may potentially be made easier

Areas of potential challenge with the digital platform
Diagnostic considerationsLack of nuclear detail (4 comments)
Assessing mitotic count (2 comments)
Depth of focus/3D assessment (2 comments)
Fear of missing something, including small details (2 comments)
Time taken to assess the digital slides (2 comments)
Grading of tumour
Identifying microorganisms
Refractile material
Technical considerationsImage lagging
Out-of-focus images
Reproduction of colours
Digital system failure
Waiting for slides to be scanned
Areas that may potentially be easier with the digital platform
Diagnostic considerationsMaking measurements (9 comments)
Low power view including megablocks (6 comments)
Comparing slides (eg, H&E with immunohistochemistry, 3 comments)
Easier to ensure all of the slide is seen
Easier to visualise the whole case that is for review
Identification of lymphovascular invasion
Assessment of small gastrointestinal biopsies, polyps, appendix, gall bladders
Workflow considerationsSharing of cases with colleagues
Recall of slides for a prior related case
Patient care-centred considerationsReduces risk of misplacing or breaking slides
Teaching/training relatedAnnotating images to share with colleagues and at MDT meetings (6 comments)
  • 3D, three-dimensional; MDT, multidisciplinary team.