Table 1

General opinions of histopathologists in training in relation to reporting diagnostic cases on digital images versus GS

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
I am confident in making diagnoses on DP (generally)0/102/102/105/101/10
I do not feel that DP for clinical diagnosis is different to diagnosis on GS0/103/106/101/100/10
I find reporting on DP more difficult (generally) than on GS1/103/103/103/100/10
It takes me longer to review diagnostic cases digitally compared with glass (in general)0/104/102/101/103/10
When reporting a case, I usually review the digital slides in preference to the GS0/107/101/102/100/10
I prefer reporting digitally to reporting on GS1/106/102/101/100/10
I am concerned about the accuracy of reporting on digital images vs GS0/103/103/104/100/10
I have awareness of recognised areas of potential pitfall in diagnosis on DP in general0/100/101/108/101/10
I find that reviewing cases on the diagnostic digital platform (IMS) is superior in terms of ability to make a diagnosis, to reviewing a similar case on a non-diagnostic platform (ie, for educational use)0/101/102/104/102/10
  • DP, digital pathology; GS, glass slides; IMS, information management system.