Table 2

Statistical analysis of p16Ink4a protein expression in reference to clinical data in the PA group

p16Ink4a expressionin PAPositiveBorderlineStatisticP value*
Age, years (mean 44.93)45.0344.85t (146)=−0.070.9371a
 Men (n=46)20 (43.48%)26 (56.52%)χ2 (1)=0.160.6858b
 Women (n=102)48 (47.06%)54 (52.94%)
Tumour size, mm (mean 30.05)29.6530.40t (146)=0.260.7982a
Clinical course
 ‘Fast’ (n=96)36 (37.50%)60 (62.50%)χ2 (1)=7.84 0.0051 b
 ‘Slow’ (n=52)32 (61.54%)20 (38.46%)
Duration of symptoms, months
(mean 48.62)
59.2439.60t (146)=−2.00 0.0478 a
Recent acceleration
 No (n=114)54 (47.37%)60 (52.63%)χ2 (1)=0.400.5249b
 Yes (n=34)14 (41.18%)20 (58.82%)
  • Values have been bolded to highlight statistical significance.

  • *(a—Student's t-test, b—χ2 test).

  • PA, pleomorphic adenoma.