Table 1

Clinicopathological findings of MNNs

Case no.Age range
Clinical findingsTumour size (mm)GrossMitotic
Fibrous bandsTumour cell atypiaDiagnosisFollow-up (months)/ outcome
1Late 70s/femaleIncidental finding during work-up for anaemia55×45×30C0–1NoNoMNT4/D
2Late 60s/femaleIncidental finding during work-up for cough40×40×25C1NoNoMNT51/NED
3Late 50s/maleIncidental finding on CT40×25×15C0–1NoNoMNT16/NED
4Late 40s/maleMyasthenia gravis100×78×50S, rare micro-C1NoNoMNT18/NED
5Early 50s/maleIncidental finding on CT35×35×10C2FocalObviousMNC52/NED
6Late 40s/maleIncidental finding during work-up for dizziness11×10×5C5YesObviousMNC48/NED
7Late 50s/maleChest pain38×30×20S, rare micro-C7FocalObviousMNC1/NED
  • All tumours were stage I.

  • C, cystic; D, death; HPF, high-power field; MNC, micronodular thymic carcinoma; MNN, micro nodularthymic neoplasm; MNT, micronodular thymoma; NED, no evidence of disease; S, solid cystic.