Table 3

Breakdown of cost differential between KFLC and OCB via IEF

MethodsCost for material (single patient)Cost for personnel
(single patient)
Total cost (single patient)Cost per 64 patients
(as per study results)
Difference in cost
(compared with exclusive IFE)
Exclusive IFEPKR7419 (US$40.1)PKR231 (US$1.3)PKR7650 (US$41.4)PKR489 600 (US$2,646.5)
Exclusive KFLCPKR4093 (US$ 22.1)PKR57 (US$0.4)PKR4150 (US$22.4)PKR265 600 (US$1,435.7)−45.8%
IFE and KFLC for all patientsPKR11 800 (US$63.8)PKR755 200 (US$4,082.2)+54.2%
KFLC for all patients and IFE for positives*PKR529 750 (US$2,864)−30.8%
  • *Using an average positive rate of 15%.

  • IEF, isoelectrofocusing; KFLC, kappa free light chain; OCB, oligoclonal bands; PKR, Pakistan Rupee.