Table 3

List of drugs commonly associated with HA21

DrugCases of HASerious events (%)Fatal events (%)
1Valproate1260768 (61)54 (4)
2Fluorouracil221213 (96)20 (9)
3Topiramate9665 (68)0 (0)
4Oxaliplatin7468 (92)12 (16)
5Asparaginase7150 (70)6 (8)
  • Column 3 lists the absolute number of cases associated with HA for each drug. Columns 4 and 5 list the absolute number and % in brackets of serious events and fatal events. For serious events these were defined as severe case, death, life-threatening, caused or prolonged hospitalisation, disabling/incapacitating, congenital anomaly/birth defect, other medically important condition. For seriousness criteria it was possible to choose more than one.

  • HA, hyperammonaemia.