Table 3

Specificity and sensitivity of p53 immunohistochemistry in distinguishing NDBE biopsies from progressor from non-progressor patients

p53 staining parametersCut-off pointsNon-progressor versus progressor BE
3+p53 positive columnar cells (automated)(≥10 cells)39%93%82%66%
3+p53 positive columnar cells (manual)(≥10 cells)46%95%88%70%
3+p53 positive gland(≥1 gland)27%97%89%63%
2+p53 positive columnar cells(≥150 cells)70%69%64%75%
3+p53 positive surface epitheliumPresent/absent6%100%100%58%
3+p53 positive columnar cells (≥10)
OR 3+p53 positive gland (≥1)
OR 3+p53 surface epithelium (present or absent)
  • BE, Barrett’s oesophagus; NDBE, non-dysplastic BE; NPV, Negative predictive value; PPV, Positive predictive value.