Table 3

Predictors of progression to dysplasia

Patient characteristicsOR (univariable)
Sex FemaleReference
Male2.82 (0.97–9.51, p=0.070)
Age Mean (SD)1.02 (0.98–1.06, p=0.370)
Tobacco smoking (ever)NoReference
Yes1.25 (0.47–3.30, p=0.650)
Alcohol excess NoReference
Yes1.02 (0.39–2.71, p=0.970)
Hiatus hernia present NoReference
Yes1.26 (0.44–4.01, p=0.675)
Barrett’s length (cm)—maximum Mean (SD)1.28 (1.10–1.52, p=0.003)
Multifocal IDD NoReference
Yes4.17 (1.07–17.95, p=0.042)
High dose PPI for 6 months NoReference
Yes0.85 (0.30–2.58, p=0.766)
Persistent IDD NoReference
Yes5.88 (1.76–21.79, p=0.005)
  • IDD, indefinite for dysplasia; PPI, proton pump inhibitor.